Pricing is a proud member of the Auctify Group.

Auction Fee: 3.5% of the gross merchandise value for online sales, capped at $100 per listing. No insertion or auto-bidding fees. Invoices are sent post-sale. No fees for 'Buy Now' listings or sales. Note: Payment processors like PayPal and Stripe have their own fees.

Buyer's Premium: 5% per purchase, minimum $2, capped at $100 per listing. No fees for 'Buy Now' purchases.

Payments: Sellers and buyers handle payments. Use our and gateways or choose other methods. Auctify processes Auction Fee and Buyer's Premium regardless of payment method.

Tax Info for Buyers: Sales tax/VAT may apply. Provide legal tax exemption proof to the seller to avoid taxes; seller's approval required. Once paid, taxes are non-refundable.